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About Us

CBD Oils and Things

In 2016, CEO and Founder Taina Carrero, was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), a very debilitating, progressive disease which results in chronic pain. She had to begin a regimen of medication and pills with many side effects. Taina could not accept that she would be dependent on pharmaceuticals for the rest of her life, so she began researching alternatives and that led to a vegan plant-based lifestyle, not only for the health but for the animals as well. Taina’s clean eating habits led to researching more holistic approaches, and that’s when she discovered the benefits of CBD. Starting with CBD Oils and topical salves, Taina found a new way to relieve her pain. Her mother, an RN for 33 years, also became a Vegan with Taina, and started using CBD for her sprained back and Osteoarthritis. In almost 2 years, neither one of them has used prescription or OTC pain medication!  Even her elderly pug uses CBD for his arthritis. CBD works!

“From our family to yours, We want to educate and heal the world, one person at a time. Plants over pills!”  ~Taina Carrero

Gold Standard:

We have taken the time to not only research but to try and test all the products we sell, to ensure the gold standard. We only carry cruelty-free, pesticides free, non-GMO, organically sourced USA CBD products. Lab reports are available.